About Us

Our Uniform

Penshurst Panthers guernseys are handed out prior to the first game of the season and are to be returned at the end of season. Players will need to supply their own boots and mouthguards. Club shorts and socks can be purchased from the club throughout the season as well as additional merchandise.

Wet Weather

From time to time we have training and games cancelled by the local councils due to wet weather. If you are in any doubt as to whether training or your weekend game has been cancelled, always check our Facebook page and wait for the message from your coach or manager. 

Team Song

Oh we’re the Penshurst mighty Panthers,

A team of always do or die.

Of Victory we will always be assured,

When our, when our players fly.

And when the final bell is over,

That’s the time to celebrate (woohoo)

Panthers always stick together,

We’re a happy club forever,

We are the good old Green and White!